The Studios

Our studios are designed to help you be as creative as possible, they’re not cookie cutter copies of each other, thought has gone into giving them all their own personal look and feel. We have three studios sizes, 13sqm, 25sqm and 35sqm.


We don't mess around with kit. We know that you expect a professional sound, and need to be sure you can rely on that cab, bass head or drum kit when it really matters. We only fill our studios with gear that meets our own personal standards, as gigging musicians. You won’t find any bedroom practice amps in our studios.


Why Cargo Rooms?

  • 24/7 access

  • Professional equipment 

  • Secure storage for equipment

  • High-speed WiFi

  • Fully secure, private studios

  • Outside seating/smoking area

  • Heating and air conditioning

  • Shower facilities

  • 5 minute walk from Seven Sisters, Tottenham Hale and South Tottenham train stations